Stara Planina Ultra Trail 2020 – Information for registered runners

This year’s race is cancelled due to the well known reason of COVID-19 pandemic. There is no need for any special explanation – we are all witnesses that everything has stopped and, although a slight loosening of the introduced measures has been announced, for a longer period of time no gatherings will be allowed as well as the arrivals of foreign citizens.
We have had discussions these days with the representatives of the relevant Ministries and the International Skyrunning Federation which only confirmed that this was the most reasonable decision.
Race preparation activities have been literally stopped in the midst of the realization: one part of the production has been completed and is awaitng delivery (once the pandemic-induced state is resolved) while the other has been completely stopped. Specifically, it refers to the equipment from abroad which has been paid in advance not to mention marketing, PR, field work and all the accompanying activities that are part of every massive and significant event.
Although most races have already been rescheduled for the new dates, we have decided to shift straight to 2021 in order to keep our term and the quality of the race and to avoid any risk of possible new measures.
The new date of the race is June 4-6, 2021.
All those who have completed their registration (meaning they paid the participation fee) will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions no later than May, 1st. Two options will be provided:
1. Direct transfer of the registration fee to 2021 (new date will be updated on trka. rs portal, all the rest remains the same)
2. Refund of 50% of the fee and removal from the old list. Refunds will be made in the course of June and July.
Please, respond to the e-mail by May, 15 and state which option is right for you. After this date we will assume that you want your registration to be transfered directly to 2021, i.e. that you have chosen option 1.
Starting packages remain the same as for 2020, as do the design solutions since much of the material has already been made. Registration fees will be restored to the original amount (therefore they will be reduced). There will be no additional extra packages as these have been settled with the suppliers according to the plan in February this year.
ITRA points remain the same as do the distances and trails. All the information can still be found at
Our suggestion is to consider the option of transferring the registration fee for 2021 (option 1) as this is the easiest, most rational and least demanding option for both parties. Of course, it’s up to you.
Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe during this pandemic. The rules for annual scoring for national league will change soon due to the new situation. Follow our website and social networks.
We wish you good health and light legs! See you at Prokletije!