4 ELEMENTS // July 4, 2020. // Rtanj – Bovan Lake

After the race was returned to its old site in 2018 the time has now come for the seventh edition of the most attractive challenge in nature.



This race represents the most difficult sports relay battle in the history of outdoor sports. Each team consists of five different athlete-individuals. A runner, pilot, swimmer, kayaker and a mountain biker – each competing in their own element (water, air, earth) and each being the element of fire. Why fire? Very simple – the effort is so great that it cannot be described by words! Every part of the body is burning.
Our photo and video gallery describes it best.
In 2020. powerful Rtanj is once again welcoming the best prepared athletes. Outdoor race in untouched nature, with no easy challenges, technically difficult terrain and unmatched view from the Siljak peak. More than 90km of different paths, climbs, lots of sweat, tension, calculations, emotions – this is a battle with nature and oneself. Divided into 5 completely different sports, 5 challenges – it is meant only for the bravest, those who are technically and mentally 100% prepared.


Runners, starting first at 8 AM:
10km; 1.000 masl, south side of Rtanj (start at Hotel Ramonda). The finish is at Siljak peak where the transfer with pilots is performed.
Pilots / Paragliding:
20km by air line, the summit of Rtanj (Siljak) – Bovan Lake, 1.300m of altitude difference, in case of an earlier landing, the pilot is obliged to run to the lake with equipment and hand over the relay to the swimmer. Pilots will have mandatory GPS devices. This is a fly & hike concept not only fly! Pilots must also prepare mandatory protective cover (rain cover for a rucksack).
3,8 km; Bovan Lake at 250 masl. Distance is that of the Ironman Triathlon.
10 km, Bovan Lake at 250 masl
Mountain bikers:
33km, Bovan Lake – south plateau of Rtanj – Rtanj Village (start of the race) 1.200m of altitude difference, 10km of asphalt.

Details for each relay race will be delivered to each team captain up to June 10, 2020. Registration opens on March 30, 2020. at our website where you can also find the form description, prize funds, conditions as well as registration fees per team. The limit for 2019 is fifteen teams while the registration deadline is June 15, 2020. Alternative day in case of bad weather is Sunday, July 5.

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* There are two types of rating, general – by teams and individual – by sports.